A Global Movement threading together retreats, events and workshops that raise the collective vibration, empower your voice, nurture your soul and awaken internal sacred feminine energy, all in the name of creating magic alongside mother earth.




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Moon Sister Rising FESTIVAL

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Our 3 Pillars:

Movement, Ancient Wisdom & Community Empowerment

Through movement we unleash our inner goddess


Movement rips open all of our built up layers of stress, fears and self-doubt. These toxic layers build up often without us even realizing the wounds are there. Through movement we are able to put into motion all of the stagnant energy, releasing what is stuck and unleashing our inner goddess. We become empowered, brave, clear, strong and filled with love. When we uncover our true nature, we are able to move naturally and align with the ebb and flow of both life and the natural rhythm of mother nature. It is in this state that we can create magic within our lives and leave an impact on our planet as this beauty overflows around the globe.

I AM Brave



mother nature is the force behind your wings

~she will carry you~


Ritual is a sacred practice that weaves together our connection to mother earth, one another and ourselves. Over the years the potency of this ancient wisdom has been lost. Living in a society where constant movement and stress have blocked our connection to the earth, our bodies and spirit, it is crucial for our well-being to re-ignite these powerful practices. Through tapping into ancient wisdom we reconnect with our primal nature and true self. We form a deeper bond with mother earth, the moon and lady ocean through living in alignment with the natural rhythm of nature's cycles. Through this connected space we are able to rise up into our highest selves, empower our well-being, awaken our internal power, unleash our authenticity, care for our planet and uplift our energetic vibration.

I AM Supported.


Separate we are strong, together we are a fierce force

~A tribe of sisterhood~


Collectively and individually, we yearn for connection. We thrive and grow through support. With the ebb and flow of life’s challenges, lessons, blessings and gifts, we elevate and RISE through the thread of connection. We believe in the power and strength of spoken and unspoken COMMUNITY. Gone are the times of competition and jealously, which disempower our worth, vitality and sense of belonging. We grow stronger TOGETHER, not apart. Together we are a fierce force of nature, dedicated to RISING UP.

I AM Power