Unleash YOUR wild within



We will join together as a tribe in a sacred feminine community to empower our voices, raise our vibrations, ignite our internal shakti energy, build community and birth our wildest dreams into life, all as we celebrate and call upon Mother Nature's potent Moon energy.

Join Christa & Kate as you tap into your ancient wisdom, breathing techniques, movement, ritual and ceremony, core values, intention setting, FUN and powerful techniques for living an authentic life you LOVE!   

What are your BIGGEST and wildest Dreams? Do you ever wish you could create the magic that would allow you to live a life you loved? This 3-month course is for YOU, badass humans who are ready to step into your power, unleash your wild truth within, share your fuking amazing gifts with the world, own your authentic voice and fearlessly embark on your journey to GREATNESS!

Are YOU looking to?

  Transition from where you are to birthing your wildest dreams into life and doing what you love

  Create more clarity, focus and inspiration in your life

  Learn more about how to create both impactful and successful projects that fuel your creativity

Cultivate community with a like-minded and supportive tribe of RAD humans who are up to amazing things in the world

  Play BIGGER and fuel the inspired action (and confidence) to EMBODY your highest self while stepping into your POWER

  Ignite your authentic voice and communicate it freely ; no matter who you are with or where you are

  Unleash your inner goddess and power by tapping into ancient wisdom

  Step into your abundance boots - BOTH financially & in your overall well-being

  Learn how to prioritize which projects to focus on (b/c we know you are a superhuman and have TONS of amazing ideas flying around, which can get overwhelming and discouraging if you don’t know how to powerfully nourish them to life) :)

::January 15-April 2nd::

10 classes will be held on-line over ZOOM as we journey through the Unleash YOUR wild within program


  1. Trip into NYC for an IntenSati movement class with the infamous Lucy!

  2. Group hiking day retreat where we will connect as a community, learn about the forest and understand our powerful connection to nature and the benefits of living in alignment to mother earth.

  3. Guest speakers who will guide us through empowering topics on unleashing your authentic voice, shamanism and a modern day medicine woman, tapping into the ancient wisdom of herbal medicine and how to powerfully care for your whole body.

The course comes complete with your creating magic workbook and live community support.