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kate strakosch


Kate Strakosch is a Nourishment & Empowerment Coach, Yoga Instructor and Retreat Leader who believes in the inner and outer connection of wellness and radiance. She is the Owner and Founder of Sunshine Kate’s Wellness Center, with two locations in Wanamassa and Middletown, NJ.

Her passion of health and travel has blossomed into leading domestic and international retreats dedicated to self-care and adventure. Kate connects nourishment through weaving together nutrition, movement, self-care and creativity.

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How it all started;)

Soul Sisters

It all started exactly one year ago to the date of Moon Sister Rising Fest, September 22, 2017.

Christa arrived at the Local Mala Project in Asbury Park, NJ to teach hundreds of yogis sun salutations, straight off of a plane from Hawaii. She was carrying the energy of mama Kauai. Kate had a vendor table set up there sharing her yoni eggs, yoni steam education and women’s health offerings.

When Christa approached the table to shop, it was an immediate womance..get it ‘bromance’, haha.

The two were curious to learn more about each other and their offerings in the world. There was an instant soul spark connection. It wasn’t for another few months that they met up again.

Life brought about many changes for each of them through the spring. After Kate arrived back from an empowering journey in Mexico and Christa was working on her own path of rising, the two connected and Moon Sister Rising was born.


christa russo


Christa is an Inspirational Speaker, Lifestyle & Spirituality Coach, International Retreat Leader, Yoga Instructor, International Wellness Specialist & Founder of barefoot yogi, a personal growth platform that is dedicated to inspiring & empowering people around the globe to grow & live life as their highest and authentic selves.

An entrepreneur, traveler & avid dreamer, Christa dedicates her life to raising the collective vibration, inspiring daily magic and empowering YOU to RISE UP into your highest self. 

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