Unleash YOUR wild within


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Our Journey together…


In January, we will set the foundation for our work together, CREATE a vision, DESIGN the path, EMBARK on a journey to look within ourselves and STEP into our POWER of DREAMING and LIVING BIGGER.

January 15th - Create Your 2019 Magic; Craft a Clear Vision, Intention Setting and Building your Key Focus

January 22nd - Create Your Passion Project + Building Community

January 29th - Exploring your Chakras through Breathwork, Guided Visualizations, Grounding & Awakening Soul Exercises. Tap into Challenges; Binding Strength through Darkness and Uncovering your Mission and Road Map.


In February, we will dive deeper into our inner workings.. The places that hold our power, our truth, our worthiness and our sacred connection to ancient wisdom. These are the places that hold our greatest treasures for growth, and unlock the places that keep us playing small and staying stuck so that we may truly RISE.

February 5th - Ritual and Ceremony; Awakening Internal Sacred Feminine Energy

February 19th - Cultivating Power through your Moon Cycle; Living a More Connected life to your Body and how that Relates to your Relationships

February 26th - Lets Talk MONEY & Self Worth. + Time Blocking

BONUS CALL! Modern Day Medicine Woman, Tapping into the Ancient Wisdom of Herbal Medicine and how to Powerfully Care for your Whole Body.


In March, we will birth our creations to new life.

Are you READY to RISE?

March 12th - Integration Week & Check ins

March 19th - GUEST TEACHER; Sharing your VOICE, GIFTS and MESSAGE with the world! + Introduction to Shamanism

March 31st-**BONUS DAY!** Mother Nature - Today’s class will be held on a “special” group hike - RETREAT DAY!

April 2nd: Fun and Closing Ceremony and Celebration!

APRIL TBA **BONUS DAY!* Trip to NYC! IntenSati Movement Class with the Infamous Lucy! (please bring a pen + journal)

Part 1: Movement & Shifting Out of your Comfort Zone - Rip Off Built up Layers; Unleash Your Inner Goddess

Part 2: Fear Let’s Do this! Make Fear your Ally! Take Empowering Leaps into the Unknown & Fly.

When you sign-up, you'll be contacted to select your group time: 

Group A: Tuesdays, 10am-12pm EST

Group B: Tuesdays, 7pm-9pm EST

*Classes will be recorded in case you are unable to make a session or want to go back to re-visit the class!

Value: $1,495

Your Investment: $495

(*Payment plans available - $97 per month*)


What if I am not clear on my goals or what I want to do, but I know I crave a change?

Then this course is for you. Settle in. We will embark on this journey together to inspire and support you in uncovering your vision, goals, and biggest dreams. All of this is with the intention of you aligning yourself to your desires. This is the portal and the vehicle to create and clarify your dreams.

What if I am not available to join the live calls?

No problem! All calls are recorded and uploaded within 24 hours to the course library. You can access them at any time.

What else is included besides the live calls?

Each module is connected with a ‘Soul Sheet’ in your workbook, FB community support group, an accountability partner.