::Taking Risks and Clearing Out the Old::

“When you come to the end of all the light you know,
and it's time to step into the darkness of the unknown,
faith is knowing that one of two things shall happen:
Either you will be given something solid to stand on 
or you will be taught to fly.”

What's the biggest RISK you've ever taken?

What's your biggest FEAR that is holding you back from moving closer to your desires and dreams?

Has there been a time (or times) in your life when you walked to the edge of all the light you knew and had to take a leap into the unknown?

Both of us have done so many a times over, and have shared some of our darkest, scariest, fear-filled AND most empowering and inspiring
LEAPS with each other.

This has built a sense of trust between us, and also has held a level of accountability towards each other...
because we know we can't pretend or play small anymore..
We know what we are capable of.

Once you reveal your strength, you can't crawl back into your old skin...
It doesn't fit, nor does it serve you or the collective community anymore. 

In order to have what you truly, deeply want,
and to stop being paralyzed and stuck by your 


limiting beliefs,

old stories,

external criticism,

and playing small,

 You must be willing to take a RISK,

to speak your truth, your desires,

to own your worth and YOUR LIFE;

to RISE!

Kate's Take:
I want to share a quick story with you...
About 5 years ago, I was living in Seattle.
On paper, it looked like an ideal situation:
cute apartment, close friends, a job 'with endless potential'.
Sounds great, right?! 
On paper, yes.
In my soul, NO.

I was craving purpose on a much deeper level.
I could feel it, but I didn't know how to embody it.
Then, I found myself in a women's group.
We met weekly, and in each meeting,
we had to speak our desires OUT LOUD...
This means, I couldn't keep them to myself anymore,
I needed to share them and OWN them.
Well, the desire I craved more than anything
I felt that that I was really constricted. 
I wanted more, I wanted to create something of my own.
Fast forward a few months later,
My body was sick, I was depleted...
I surrendered.
I allowed FREEDOM to settle into the driver's seat.

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