::Birthing a Dream to Life::

Exactly one month ago, magic transpired on the Sea Bright Beach. It was the final day of summer, and two days before the Harvest Full Moon…

Christa Russo and I co-founded and hosted MOON SISTER RISING FESTIVAL dedicated to connecting community through movement, ancient wisdom, high vibrations, live music and creativity.

This was a huge undertaking and we were presented with many challenges leading up to the day. The biggest challenge occurred less than two weeks before the big day when our original location canceled on us….

This created a screeching halt for a moment.

We had a MISSION to complete, which was was to carry out what we originally set out to do…Hold the space for people to move out of their comfort zones, deliver a kick-as$ experience through movement, conversation, delicious food and be immersed in community connection.

We knew that despite the missing link of a Location.. The show would go on one way or another:)

After going onto the beach one foggy evening to sit and refocus… We realized we were meant to hold the fest at the ocean all along…

Two days later, the town of Sea Bright was on board, permits were approved and it became public knowledge that the Moon Sister Rising Fest was being held on the beach.

Fast forward to one week later… Saturday, September 22nd… Show Time!

This was a complete lesson in surrender and trusting in the unknown…

When you truly believe in a vision, show up wholeheartedly, LEAP into the unknown and trust; there is MAGIC awaiting to be revealed.

The Day…

The Inaugural Moon Sister Rising Festival is coming to Sea Bright, NJ, bringing a celebration of high vibrations through yoga, meditation, live music, inspirational speakers, dance medicine and local vendors!

A FESTIVAL that will raise your vibration, empower your voice, nurture your soul, all along one of the most powerful forces in nature, Lady Ocean. ;)

Doors Open at 10AM and we will be Rocking till 6PM
Yoga + Meditation with Crystal Bowls + Live Music
Food Vendors + Artisans + Live Music
Speaker: Kate Strakosch - Womb Wellness http://www.sunshinekates.com/
Movement: Dance Empowerment
Speaker: Christa Russo - Living your DREAM Life https://christarusso.com/
Live Music + Bonfire Ritual Ceremony + Community Vibe Tribe + Dance Party